Public Relations

Creating relations with the media, bloggers, and industry influencers to amplify your message. From traditional press office to exciting events, engaging publics is our way of opening the path for your brand go above the crowds.

Publics are unique to each strategy, therefore we offer services to create relations with the media, bloggers, and industry influencers knowing who can amplify your message in a win-win-win situation (client – agency – communicator ), delivering value and elevating brand above the crowd.

Engaging with publics require specific tools and techniques: from a press office service, product review programme, influencers engagement,  content placement to exciting social events, company presentations, or just a conversation based in the confidence generated over the years. We are proud to have have created many relations for leader and challenging brands who have appointed us as part of their team.

Content Marketing

Creating consistent content appealing target audiences generating value. Using SEO and promoting content through social media. Inbound Marketing techniques to attract clients and consumers.

We put the right content in the right context. It is key!! Our role as PR and marketing professionals is to develop a content strategy with an in depth knowledge of the audience, how they interact, where they can be reached – what turns them on!

We then add SEO and Social Media to deliver content and create conversations and you will have the first stage of an inbound marketing strategy to attract unknown people and convert them in visits to your site or interested potential clients in your service, or eager to know more potential customers of your products.

Digital Channels

Generating dialogue and engaging with publics. Social networks, microblogging, image viralizing, video, themed groups, etc, publics are also digital today and select their prefered channel for communication. Being there is part of our success.

Whether a b2b, b2c, or b2e brand, your communication strategy may include a selection of traditional media combined with web based channels. Digital channels allow us to create a two way conversation, generating a true dialogue with our target audiences.  A different set of services are needed to obtain the desired results. At LF Channel we provide what you need, either directly or through trusted partners.

Influencers Program

Managing communities goes beyond delivering messages via bloggers outreach campaigns, and content campaigns, searching for adequate topics. It also implies explaining values and connecting emotionally, not only rationally. Identifying influencers, people who can endorse us, or simply share their experience  with the brand is part of our communication strategy.

The influencers program has a lot to do also with community management.

Communities are alive, and require a dynamic management. Our goal is to create, listen, engage and improve

Smart Metrics

We follow up all the communication activities and monitor the coverage and impacts obtained following the parameters that best adjust to the desired outcome.

Monitoring is not only listening, its part of the conversation.

Where, how, how long, at what cost, positive, negative, value, those and many other questions are a part of our monitoring. Once you obtain feedback you know how to respond or initiate a new convesration

We do “smart counting”, not only counting.

Events Organization

Providing the frame for media and clients to experiment and emotionally engage with your product or services goes beyond transmitting information.

Events will allow you to get, first hand feedback and generate a personal relationship with stakeholders, media and clients. We take care of all details, from  format to content and follow up.

Start-ups Consultancy

Start-ups need PR to engage talent, investors, and clients. By understanding the CEO’s and founders goals and visions, we create the basis of the communication strategy that will amplify messaging. Communication becomes then a strategic tool in the business plan.

Customized Training

We offer specific trainings to help deliver messages and increase brand reputation. Our range goes from media trainings to be effective when communicating with the press to managing social tools such as LinkedIn and Twitter. We adapt to our clients needs, searching always for the most valuable solution.