How do I grow the number of my twitter followers?

By July 14, 2017July 18th, 2017Opinion

That is the ultimate question in this social-media dominated market. All users on the web are trying to reach more people or get the people who already follow them to engage by further sharing their message and ideas. According to multiple studies and success cases, the most effective methods for this purpose can be summed up in a couple of key technical and practical principles you can apply to your posting.


jesus-kiteque-224069The internet is a huge place filled with people constantly adapting to the changing waters and riding the new trends. While these practices shouldn’t be discounted as a means of growing, it is fundamental to create a sense of singularity within your account. People will come check out whatever you’re posting and will decide whether or not to follow you based on your uniqueness. Even if you might reject some potential observers who may not agree with your principles, they will pale in comparison to the many more who will choose to follow you and the strength of that bond.
In order to do this, you must not limit yourself to simple retweets. If and when your retweet a post, you should nearly always accompany it with a short commentary or opinion on the piece and how it relates to you and your brand. When not using others’ voices to shape yours, however, you should undoubtedly tweet. This may seem obvious to some, but there are too many retweet-filled accounts that serve as nothing more than amplifiers for already established sources. It will be through these tweets that you’ll establish your main interests and thus create a web of information that people will be able to cling themselves to.



StockSnap_A8XB50N7G1Since the birth of social media, our concept of time has sped up immeasurably. In this new age of the “internet years” and short attention spans, it’s crucial to stay on top of your posting schedule and be active regularly to remind followers and users alike that you’re la presence in the network. This will serve to gain followers, re-strengthen old ones and even convince some observers to click that blue button. To achieve this, consistency is key: users should know when to expect content from you. Even if you don’t have a fixed schedule, your followers have to be able to count on you to post at least semi-regularly (that’s why they’re following you). Furthermore, basic twitter etiquette dictates that you respond to all mentions and recognize favors (such as likes or retweets) with follows and/or further interaction. An organic and active account is the foundation on top of which you’ll build your following.


As with any technique, there are a few short-cuts some (a minority) users may be able to take. While these may seem less worthy and may seem to take away the “grind”, they will still lead to great growing. Among these we find the use of a shout-out from an already established account or influencer, which would lead to a great increase in traffic in your page and would result in a bigger following. Relevance is also an important asset to have: if you utilize the trending topic hashtags and comment on current events, you’re guaranteed to have a lot of non-followers read your post, which if done correctly would then lead to more followers.