Addicted to IFA? Check the 5 steps to PR success

By July 29, 2016July 14th, 2017Opinion

Are you exhibiting at IFA? By now you probably have all your logistics ready: booth designed, constructors hired, catering chosen, goodies on their way, flights and hotels booked… Now it’s time to prepare the agenda!

You need to get your message out there, show the world your products and services, and to do so the media is your best ally. Participating in exclusive media events will have your base covered, but if you want to stand out from competitors, you need the personalized touch. Our steps to PR success are:

1.- Be attractive!

Speak out with a clear messaging tuned for a well-selected target audience. Tradeshows are hectic, nobody will check out twice if you didn’t capture attention at first sight

2.- Be local with international reach!

Get your local agency involved and spot the media and influencers reaching your target communities at local and international level.

Whatever geographies you want to reach, we can team with you and your local agency to make it happen.

3.- Adapt your pitching timing to local schedules!

Media from Southern Europe are probably packing to go on holidays now. As soon as they come back, 2 – 3 weeks before the event, be the first to call them and invite them to meet with you. It will be the right time to obtain a commitment. If you are able to sponsor travelling expenses for key journalists or bloggers, do so!

4.- Be available!

Once in Berlin, be available, not only at your booth but for breakfasts, early dinners, networking events, … after all, it’s all about engaging in conversations.

5.- Trust the locals!

Let your local agency guide you on what the local marketing is expecting from you. And if you need extra help on your booth, our partners in Germany will be happy to help, just let us know!

Have a great IFA!!